Input & Austausch

Lernen macht zusammen mit Gleichgesinnten am meisten Spaß. Deshalb haben wir eine geschlossene Facebook-Gruppe eingerichtet, die eine sichere und gemütliche Lernatmosphäre bietet.

Hier muss niemand Bedenken haben, etwa weil er mit seinem Pferd noch am Anfang der Ausbildung steht oder an einem bestimmten Punkt nicht weiter weiß: Jede Frage darf und soll gestellt werden.

Lisa und Carlos geben Trainings-Tips, Anregungen und erklären in fortlaufenden Lehrvideos bestimmte Themen und Lektionen.

Außerdem dokumentieren sie die Ausbildung ihrer Pferde und Berittpferde – Ihr seid also hautnah dabei und immer auf dem Laufenden.

Wir würden uns freuen, Euch bald als neue Gruppen-Mitglieder vorstellen zu dürfen!

Vorteile der Mitgliedschaft

Wöchentliche Lehrvideos und inspirierende Talks und Interviews

Austausch unter Gleichgesinnten in privater Atmosphäre

Monatlich ein individuelles Beratungsgespräch (30 Minuten)

Wöchentliche Lehrvideos und

inspirierende Talks und Interviews

Austausch unter Gleichgesinnten in privater Atmosphäre

Monatlich ein individuelles Beratungsgespräch (30 Minuten)


Hier bekommt Ihr schon mal einen kleinen Eindruck unserer Inhalte. Kurssprache ist ein leicht verständliches Englisch. Aber natürlich könnt Ihr Fragen auch jederzeit auf deutsch stellen.

Das sagen unsere Kunden

I came here because I creeped Lisa’s personal page and her posts that caught my heart on riding with heart, deep admiration for the horse and her very obvious lifelong quest for deepening her knowledge on the Art of Riding. For me… riding IS art, not sport and as a western rider (in the old Californio tradition) who grew up schooled English by a German mom, I have patched together a workable, yet vastly incomplete understanding of riding and a healthy skepticism of equine gurus. I came here seeking more sensitivity, greater awareness of what I’m missing, guidance and insight from folks I resonate with, who are seekers in their own right for greater connection and functionality with the horses. I can honestly say my expectations were high…and they have already been vastly surpassed. Lisa and Jose Carlos, your deep love for the horses and their well being is matched by that which you give to your students, here and in life (one can see that) It is rare to be both capable and able to teach, and you both are. I love the examples of all levels of horses and riders, the variety of posts; from braiding, to equipment, to in-hand, riding, out in the fields, etc. I love that you want to help us to see the small things that are huge and so often overlooked. You are generous with your time, incredible level.of interaction, and personal attention. You help us to unravel seat, leg, hands, head, energy, where horses defend/protect, how to access our horses capabilities, weakness, strengths and then guide how to help. A remarkable remarkable feat on a Facebook platform. I have no trainer to guide me in real life, so this is my gift to myself, my horses and I am so flipping excited to see how it continues to unfold
Oh….! And clearly it attracts super lovely people, too and my experience has always been that is a direct reflection on the ‚leaders‘.
Kudos and oh so much gratitude.
Stefanie T., BC Canada

I can do nothing but to recommend it.

It would take quite some time to write down all the extraordinary and ordinary but important things I have learned here: About training of horses in general as well as training my very special mare with all her difficulties as well as „looking” and evaluating horses by their appearances and movements. Furthermore a lot about how to handle myself whilst working with my horse.

Thanks Lisa Voss and Jose Carlos Coutinho for all the outstanding input!

Katja H., Bavaria Germany

I am very grateful for the hard work and effort Lisa and Carlos put into my training. They tremendously changed my perspective of training horses and riding. Even though the process has been painful at times, I am glad to have them by my side on this journey. The schooling videos have always been a great source for knowledge, motivation and inspiration.

Oliver H., Mallorca Spain